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About A.E.S

ALAM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (A.E.S) is a non profit organization which is established in the year 2020 with two young inspirations of the nation taking the initiative to do something good for the society. The organization is mainly formed to provide quality education and good health to underprivileged Citizens of India. The main area and the interest behind running the organization is to EDUCATE rural areas people those can’t afford their education that will lead himself towards the better life along with their family. By educating a person from underprivileged family can results to revolution in their life and society.

Alam Educational Society is a Public Charitable working in Education and Health Care for the better future of our nation.

We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone
We work for :-

  • Education.
  • Healthcare.
  • Donation

ALAM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is open with diverse options and areas to accomplish their social work with full of efforts. We being the family of almost thousands of members always welcome their valuable advice and concerns in order to improve ourselves in much better way to get the best work out of it. In the coming days, we are aiming to provide training program for village people to live better life. In the field of education, career counselling for the young generation which we think is the most challenging topics in the overall development of our Nation.